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Cultural WAR! Fight or you will die!

This time we are on War! Antinatalism and birth control are the only one global solution for a sustainable world, happiness, and to achieve the Age of Light.refug

To protect environment, resources, food, the solution is to end Overpopulation. But, today we are involved on WAR against medieval cultures, trying to be imposed by force and promote unsustainable grow of population that will lead to the spread of genocide. We are all on denial and on the verge of Apocalypse and World War III.

  • Do not help or accommodate migrants, the global trojan horse. Avoid to help those who, soon or later, will slaughter and rape your community;
  • Protect your job and wage, do not let external low waged concurrency to feed the social machine and benefit the world 1% of big and fat leaders of the monopoly economy and bankers;
  • Impose your opinion and culture;
  • Give condoms, contraception, don’t give food or supplies;
  • Don’t help the devil to impose cataclysm and the persecution of Christ.
  • Do not accept TV propaganda, think on your own. Don’t be fooled by propaganda;
  • Vote on Nationalism and help local political groups;
  • Be smart, think on your future and your family;


WE KNOW! It is hard to say, but on War You have Only One Choice, Fight or you will Die!

Be happy!


Refugees War!

Do you realize European Commission is implementing an Islam tax to welcome more refugees? Do you realize the majority of them only dream about social benefits and do not expect to work? Do you realize this people hate so deeply our culture and want us to die? refug

We are opening the doors of the hell. Our children will live in fear, in a society of crime, drugs, robbery, religion wars, martyrs and carnage and finally our genocide.

Our governments are so eager to help economic migrants because they expect to force people against people, disloyal concurrency, free manpower, slaves on an overcrowded place like China or India. We are feeding a machine, to provide a minority of rich persons, that don’t care about us and our culture. Always money and businesses – the mark of the beast! We are committing our suicide and our families and culture. Awake! Do not permit this physical, political, legal and cultural genocide.

Be happy!

Get Rich -“Anybody home? Think, McFly, Think!”

If your parents’ life was hard, disastrous and without objective, in short – work and sleep. My sincere advice is, please, don’t do the same errors, it is ridiculous and very unhealthy.


Give the existence and promote life of another being, demanding that will achieve fortune or dreams, because of incompetence or  laziness, will have the same result, a perpetual cycle of incompetence.

Further, the world is overpopulated, don’t fool yourself with useless traditions, religions or any other kind of mind control. The only great purpose in life is to be free and help others, be gentle and happy. Have, at most, only one child, is the best to get a joyful and civilized community.

“Anybody home? Think, McFly, Think!” (Back to the Future tribute) – Pollution is the direct consequence of overpopulation! A world without population, banks, offices where some people work hard to write a lot of worthless sheets of paper, all day long, cars getting in and out with no purpose and value, and futile consumption, of course, we would not have an environmental problem.

This days I am thinking in avoiding charity, on the other hand, it is time to give birth control methods, all problems will solve themselves later. Less children is much more money on your bank account, more to spend in luxury, shopping, goods,shoes, nice cars, clean houses, and more heath and beauty.

In India, after the Pope had seen misery generated by a women who had a lot of children and had no resources,insisting to have more children, this great Pope finally said “Don’t procreate like rabbits”. A simple way to avoid children is coito interruptus (don’t put semen in vagina) and avoid women near the 14th day after ovulation (blood in vagina).

Government favors production of human beings because people will work at any price to feed the little monsters.

So, slavery is an option.

No woman no work (Bob Marley rethinking to achieve happiness)

Bob Marley woke up from the grave singing “No woman no work”, replacing the old sentence “No woman no cry” , with the same meaning.family

Women have the main objective to find love and happiness, finding a companion to live and to find joy. The purpose of any relation is not the economy, nor procreation or to have the best potential to devour the world, trampling everything and everyone. The only objective of life is to be happy, don’t thinking on greed or mundane concerns.

Nowadays, relations are suffering from disease. Happiness or love is loosing points against all type of Machiavellian conjectures.

Muslims are quite right, no woman no work outside home. Why? Woman is made to be the support, the center, and the organizer of family. In the work,betrayals are constant because the boss is seen as the guarantor and home security, occupying the place of the husband.

Feminism theory have the objective to dismiss women of to have children. That is a great purpose, since the world is overpopulated, polluted and depleted. But the solution of putting women to work is a mistake.

We have to work new policies that promote happiness, at the expense of greed. Having many children is an act of greed.

We must progress to the age of light…



Bankrupcies, revelations and World War III

the-end-is-near-2Why reading Revelation 16:1 gives us the sensation we are on the verge of the final countdown.

Revelation 16:1 – “And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.”.

GOD is really displeased with the system that is pawning “normal” persons to not have future. No future is to not have an income, fundamental to get dignity and to implant moral in society.

Old times, agriculture was the answer for everybody who don’t had no other solution. Today a “normal” person can’t compete with globalized and industrial production. Small businesses are dying. People are living like zombies, embarking to hell: prostitution, drugs, illegal business, etc.

The financial system is governed by a few, for big groups, and because there is no refunding of money to the Central Banks by “normal” persons, Central Banks, in feedback, are trying to apply negative taxes, to promote money in the system. The system, in zombie status, don’t want more money because can’t support taxes and interest rates, and the “low cost” economy is giving the final ax.

Finally, the whole system is designed to grow until to reach the infinite. The only solution is reproduction, a lot of human slaves, more and more, destroying environment up to the latest resources. When resources run out or people open their eyes, to avoid being or to introduce more slaves babies in this world, will be the end of the world, World War III will give the ultimate solution.

The solution is written in the “Georgia Guidestones”, to remember our near future.

We are so doomed!

Now is for real, tomorrow Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis will fight each other due the football, Argentina versus Germany, nobody knows the consequences, but certainly they can hurt themselves with shots of chalices. God, displeased with the defeat by 7, and 3,  of Brasil, had announced there will be no more football and Carnival. Now, Brazilians will be required to think about to do something really useful with their lives and to reduce pointless pregnancies and consequent misery. So, the signal is here, the Supermoon. Typically, it is said, this occurs about once a year. But this summer there will be three in a row – July 12, Aug. 10 and Sept. 9, after the last first Blood moon. In the book of Joel, God says there will be “wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire…the sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.In Acts, the Apostle Peter repeats that verse from Joel. And the book of Revelation says that during the Great Tribulation, “the moon will become like blood.” The world is crumbling like Titanic! The end is not near, the end is here!

Why Feminism? “Onde há galo, não canta galinha.” (“Where there is a rooster no chicken sings”) – Portuguese popular saying


“Where there is a rooster no chicken sings” 

Today we have a lot of chickens trying to use pants like men, smoking like men, going to war like men, having jobs like men, requiring equality of rights. Why?

Portuguese popular saying left no doubt. In colonial Brazil, with some exceptions, prevailed male authority, that should be the basis for relations between husband, wife and children. Man in the street and the woman at home.

In a sexist and paternalistic colonial society as it was up to his wife and children to obey the orders of his father. Staying at home, avoiding the dangers and “opportunities” that could arise in the street. The woman had her husband “loyalty”, “assistance”, “patience” and “obedience.” Husbands were to their wives and children, food assistance and respect. It is clear that such order could be broken was enough when her ​​husband die, be required to work outside and assume the role of “head of household”.

All society is loosing because women had been losing his position, men are loosing too because they must work hard and life had no more beauty and become a cradle of greed and envy.

The objective of equality was about to reduce population and natality, freeing women from the natural purpose of procreation. A major objective, more 50 years and we will face this naturally, as a necessity to the human survival. But women must rethink their position in society. We don’t want ignorance, but a woman as the main support for a happy husband and family, that leads to a happy woman.

In the future, we want happy women, no machine or exploited women.