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Immigration and Racism

Why persons are so racists in developed countries?  Because they are civilized. Crime is the occupation of the poor, unemployed, and not educated people.imm

How to avoid all misery? Simple, enforce family planning. Only, ugly people have large families.

If you want to come to a developed country, so make as you see. Join the locals and forget communities, take the locals as an example. Immigrant communities on long term make you unhappy and a looser.



Misery is avoidable if people use correctly their little hammer

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

It’s time to teach how to fish, don’t let old-fashioned stupidity dominate life, use and promote contraception.die

Help immigrants, giving condoms and family planning.

Misery and poverty is avoidable.


Amazing old school strategy for immigration and revenues for banks and rich

Unfortunately, I come from a family of immigrants, due to the incomparable conditions of life in the country where my parents had born and the civilized country where they worked hard. But, like a said before,  at the time the fault was essentially overpopulation. So, the fault was in the side of the population.imm

Today, I can see the same phenomenon in countries like Portugal, not because the country is growing in population, on contrary, but because the government wants to “sell” people to other countries. People have no other solution than to immigrate to have a job and survive .

Banks , on the side of the rich and wealthy, enjoy this human exploitation, because the revenue from abroad increased dramatically . The rich keep their lives without doing anything , having extremely large houses and accounts , and the best cars on the planet . At this time the fault is not on the side of the population , but from the rich people and their government.

The poor Portuguese, on the other side, accomplish the mission to send money every month to Portuguese banks,  bank supported and belonging to the group of the wealthy people.

Why to send money to a country where you don’t have the opportunity to live? A country that applies a lot of measures of austerity for the little ones. A country that only wants to tax your money. A country that wants your blood till the last gout. For Who? Yes, you know.

Recently I heard  in the news that Portugal will have austerity measures forever, dating the absurdity of 2035 and five minutes later a minister announcing the overcome of progress, for him of course ;), with the installation of new highways and pathways for TGV trains, submarines, and other unnecessary expensive things.

Immigrant think again and choose where you want your money and entrust your future.

Best regards