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Zombies found in Europe

On the news! French chickens are running again from problems. The heroes have had guts to solve the problem and avoid one more awful massacre. Europe is paraplegic, hiding and weeping in a corner, trying to hide from the bullies.zombies

The new age ethics and legislation defend criminals, assailants, terrorists, immigrant invasions, minorities, rape, drug, large families, bankers, governments, liars, etc.

Science make me sick! Go to Mars, find a God particle ( all particles are from GOD!), medicine to to extend the lifespan, etc. more nonsense and useless things.

So, the end of the world is near, 9/23, and possibly all the problems will be solved by themselves on that day, but if the world not end, we must do something to achieve global happiness and balance with nature, one time and for all, living all together.
“Do something or Die”.