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Refugees War!

Do you realize European Commission is implementing an Islam tax to welcome more refugees? Do you realize the majority of them only dream about social benefits and do not expect to work? Do you realize this people hate so deeply our culture and want us to die? refug

We are opening the doors of the hell. Our children will live in fear, in a society of crime, drugs, robbery, religion wars, martyrs and carnage and finally our genocide.

Our governments are so eager to help economic migrants because they expect to force people against people, disloyal concurrency, free manpower, slaves on an overcrowded place like China or India. We are feeding a machine, to provide a minority of rich persons, that don’t care about us and our culture. Always money and businesses – the mark of the beast! We are committing our suicide and our families and culture. Awake! Do not permit this physical, political, legal and cultural genocide.

Be happy!


We are so doomed!

Now is for real, tomorrow Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis will fight each other due the football, Argentina versus Germany, nobody knows the consequences, but certainly they can hurt themselves with shots of chalices. God, displeased with the defeat by 7, and 3,  of Brasil, had announced there will be no more football and Carnival. Now, Brazilians will be required to think about to do something really useful with their lives and to reduce pointless pregnancies and consequent misery. So, the signal is here, the Supermoon. Typically, it is said, this occurs about once a year. But this summer there will be three in a row – July 12, Aug. 10 and Sept. 9, after the last first Blood moon. In the book of Joel, God says there will be “wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire…the sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.In Acts, the Apostle Peter repeats that verse from Joel. And the book of Revelation says that during the Great Tribulation, “the moon will become like blood.” The world is crumbling like Titanic! The end is not near, the end is here!

Why Feminism? “Onde há galo, não canta galinha.” (“Where there is a rooster no chicken sings”) – Portuguese popular saying


“Where there is a rooster no chicken sings” 

Today we have a lot of chickens trying to use pants like men, smoking like men, going to war like men, having jobs like men, requiring equality of rights. Why?

Portuguese popular saying left no doubt. In colonial Brazil, with some exceptions, prevailed male authority, that should be the basis for relations between husband, wife and children. Man in the street and the woman at home.

In a sexist and paternalistic colonial society as it was up to his wife and children to obey the orders of his father. Staying at home, avoiding the dangers and “opportunities” that could arise in the street. The woman had her husband “loyalty”, “assistance”, “patience” and “obedience.” Husbands were to their wives and children, food assistance and respect. It is clear that such order could be broken was enough when her ​​husband die, be required to work outside and assume the role of “head of household”.

All society is loosing because women had been losing his position, men are loosing too because they must work hard and life had no more beauty and become a cradle of greed and envy.

The objective of equality was about to reduce population and natality, freeing women from the natural purpose of procreation. A major objective, more 50 years and we will face this naturally, as a necessity to the human survival. But women must rethink their position in society. We don’t want ignorance, but a woman as the main support for a happy husband and family, that leads to a happy woman.

In the future, we want happy women, no machine or exploited women.



Europe Imperium Romanum – GOG AND MAGOG

Some Ukrainians don’t want to join European Union, they are Pro-Russia. Pro-Russians are not terrorists.Image People are fighting the war of GOG and MAGOG, in the middle of two empires. The battle of America (Europe), that want to enslave people, and Russia, that have significant traces of oppression and Communism. Communism had never been a solution, but this dictatorial America new world order capitalist style is not better. In Europe, the south countries, PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain – this Acronym is not my idea), are facing poverty, daily oppression and strong measures of austerity. Measures imposed by the North countries have the only the purpose to reduce salaries, augmentation of poverty and unemployment. The goal is to reduce the south countries economy and propel the north countries economy. The south countries are eating only the scraps. Europe don’t promote any economy system in south countries. In Portugal, the true is that farmers and fishermen had been paid to not work and destroy boats and machinery. Now, this south countries are accused of to be lazy and have low productivity. Politics is so beautiful!? Ukrainians have the right to think better.

How to control your wild instrument and have a happy life

The Church of the Age of Light

When I was young, I realized that, in general, there was a lot of confusion about contraceptive methods.no children

How have sex without to ruin the rest of my life?  How to have sex with a girl, without the  intention to marry her? How to be free and do the right thing? All this questions come early to my mind, and an unwanted pregnancy can be literally the ruin of a life, a career, or the end of the search for the real love .

In my life I found some information, a lot, but a lot of poppycock. Some information was too scientific, medical publications, others floating on the subject, too confusing.

So,with a happy life, without unwanted kids, and with my desired wife, I recommend:

First, it is necessary to understand the operation of the machine called woman, next follow the instructions.


All adult women have menstruation, that is blood out of…

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Amazing old school strategy for immigration and revenues for banks and rich

Unfortunately, I come from a family of immigrants, due to the incomparable conditions of life in the country where my parents had born and the civilized country where they worked hard. But, like a said before,  at the time the fault was essentially overpopulation. So, the fault was in the side of the population.imm

Today, I can see the same phenomenon in countries like Portugal, not because the country is growing in population, on contrary, but because the government wants to “sell” people to other countries. People have no other solution than to immigrate to have a job and survive .

Banks , on the side of the rich and wealthy, enjoy this human exploitation, because the revenue from abroad increased dramatically . The rich keep their lives without doing anything , having extremely large houses and accounts , and the best cars on the planet . At this time the fault is not on the side of the population , but from the rich people and their government.

The poor Portuguese, on the other side, accomplish the mission to send money every month to Portuguese banks,  bank supported and belonging to the group of the wealthy people.

Why to send money to a country where you don’t have the opportunity to live? A country that applies a lot of measures of austerity for the little ones. A country that only wants to tax your money. A country that wants your blood till the last gout. For Who? Yes, you know.

Recently I heard  in the news that Portugal will have austerity measures forever, dating the absurdity of 2035 and five minutes later a minister announcing the overcome of progress, for him of course ;), with the installation of new highways and pathways for TGV trains, submarines, and other unnecessary expensive things.

Immigrant think again and choose where you want your money and entrust your future.

Best regards