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Cultural WAR! Fight or you will die!

This time we are on War! Antinatalism and birth control are the only one global solution for a sustainable world, happiness, and to achieve the Age of Light.refug

To protect environment, resources, food, the solution is to end Overpopulation. But, today we are involved on WAR against medieval cultures, trying to be imposed by force and promote unsustainable grow of population that will lead to the spread of genocide. We are all on denial and on the verge of Apocalypse and World War III.

  • Do not help or accommodate migrants, the global trojan horse. Avoid to help those who, soon or later, will slaughter and rape your community;
  • Protect your job and wage, do not let external low waged concurrency to feed the social machine and benefit the world 1% of big and fat leaders of the monopoly economy and bankers;
  • Impose your opinion and culture;
  • Give condoms, contraception, don’t give food or supplies;
  • Don’t help the devil to impose cataclysm and the persecution of Christ.
  • Do not accept TV propaganda, think on your own. Don’t be fooled by propaganda;
  • Vote on Nationalism and help local political groups;
  • Be smart, think on your future and your family;


WE KNOW! It is hard to say, but on War You have Only One Choice, Fight or you will Die!

Be happy!


Useless Procreators

Pigs or Rabbits, like the Pope said on a recent visit to India, irrational animals. Thus, today, “Years of Living Dangerously”, everybody blames everything, the cows, automobiles, industry, pollution etc. But everybody knows the real reasons why we are ending with nature and ultimately with ourselves – Human Procreation Disorder.

Pope2There are many reasons why people have children, but looking inside the real motivations, we can see always the same – Greed and Ignorance. Sometimes, women try, giving to the family a bunch of children, to unveil to man perturbing animal instincts, and the consequences he will work till exhaustion to feed the brood. . Man without instruction thinks his objective in life is to be the “Macho Man”, otherwise he can be connoted as gay. On a primitive society this is a serious offence.

I think we can hate humanity! Everybody tries to survive and ultimately to kill each other. Little minds have no space to think about future, a future and small communities, living in balance with nature and where the unique purpose is not evolution or economy, but happiness. We are condemned to die, it is important to die fast, uncaring about saving lives, because death is our best friend and our future. Obama said recently in a conference, that we must subjugate ourselves to a New World Order, because human being mind individually is to small to achieve great purposes.

Procreation is no more a benefit for any parts. It had been used for industrial revolution to propel economy, introducing humans in industry as machines. Yes, I am right again – more greed, to benefit greatly our owners, government and banks. Today, humanity is augmenting disorderly and is almost useless, anybody visiting a modern industry can perceive a lot of machinery, robotization, and globally, in any economic business is composed for few people. On this way, we are on a large pace to annihilation, this is not science fiction. A real prove is Syria, after a drought, they achieved war, famine and death, only because they had no resources for population.

Be happy!