Ant4World – Church of Light is an organisation that have the primordial objective to found a new society, a new tribe that will live in equilibrium with nature, science and a human collaboration. All oppression is repulsed, egoism is repulsed, politics do not exist, poverty will  no more exist, and laws for our society will be essentially applied by intelligence, from a core systems of computers, not corruptible from money. This church operates as a secret society, allow members who demonstrate that have a mind illuminated and can apply in daily life the foundations and instructions of our secret society.

The degrees of Church of Light, its gradal system, those of Apprentice, fellow. member, and Master of Light.

A body of beliefs and related practices created by analyzing and to evolving our primitive societies. Religion is incorporated in the Church of Light in 2012.

Church of Light teaches principles for  immortal beings. Methods for imposition of practical methods for human development, wealth and spiritual rehabilitation. Counselling members that aim to consciously rethinking their lives and influence others to join our ideals.

A large number of organizations are overseeing the application of Church of Light are been established.

The real way to eliminate poverty, suffering and modern slavery. The age of light is here and is now, for world happiness.

Join our tribe antforworld@hotmail.com




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