Fiction or reality

The End of the World is finally happening! Global climate chaos, rude and cruel, with some economic meltdown, a spectacular scenario, better than any achievement in the movie Mad Max. The global carnage is about to start from the jump of the fence of Russia and China, altogether like best friends. The perfect storm.


In Syria, after a shortage of food and water, population revolted against the government, with no solution to sustain the hungry population, they started to kill some people and all imploded and crashed. Now, everyday, people is killing each other, surviving on this MAD MAX reality show. This situation is about to reach your home or it is already in your house and you are in denial.

Furthermore, immigrants are not culprits of their misery, the culprits are their mothers and governments, procreating like rabbits and promoting misery. Only pigs like to live in manure. Please, everybody, it is time to donate contraception or sterilization.

WWIII is underway with the purpose to reduce population. After the cataclysm, few will survive to see “Tomorrow Land”, where life is no more for obtuse development but for love and happiness, working people, educated, civilized, gentle, above any fanatic religion, carrying in their hearts the messages of heroes like Jesus, Buda, etc., living surrounded by nature, light and beauty, where human procreation is no more a “must have” foolish assumption, but a dictatorial control to achieve global happiness.

In short, Wikipedia explains the global situation: “In the absence of predators, species are bound by the resources they can find in their environment, but this does not necessarily control overpopulation. An abundant supply of resources can produce a population boom that ends up with more individuals than the environment can support. In this case, starvation, thirst and sometimes violent competition for scarce resources may affect a sharp reduction in population in a very short lapse (a population crash). Lemmings, as well as other species of rodents, are known to have such cycles of rapid population growth and subsequent decrease.” – Wikipedia

Build happiness and be happy!


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