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Get Rich -“Anybody home? Think, McFly, Think!”

If your parents’ life was hard, disastrous and without objective, in short – work and sleep. My sincere advice is, please, don’t do the same errors, it is ridiculous and very unhealthy.


Give the existence and promote life of another being, demanding that will achieve fortune or dreams, because of incompetence or  laziness, will have the same result, a perpetual cycle of incompetence.

Further, the world is overpopulated, don’t fool yourself with useless traditions, religions or any other kind of mind control. The only great purpose in life is to be free and help others, be gentle and happy. Have, at most, only one child, is the best to get a joyful and civilized community.

“Anybody home? Think, McFly, Think!” (Back to the Future tribute) – Pollution is the direct consequence of overpopulation! A world without population, banks, offices where some people work hard to write a lot of worthless sheets of paper, all day long, cars getting in and out with no purpose and value, and futile consumption, of course, we would not have an environmental problem.

This days I am thinking in avoiding charity, on the other hand, it is time to give birth control methods, all problems will solve themselves later. Less children is much more money on your bank account, more to spend in luxury, shopping, goods,shoes, nice cars, clean houses, and more heath and beauty.

In India, after the Pope had seen misery generated by a women who had a lot of children and had no resources,insisting to have more children, this great Pope finally said “Don’t procreate like rabbits”. A simple way to avoid children is coito interruptus (don’t put semen in vagina) and avoid women near the 14th day after ovulation (blood in vagina).

Government favors production of human beings because people will work at any price to feed the little monsters.

So, slavery is an option.