All we need is love

poorThe world is crumbled and enslaved by the economy, money or the other names: The Evil, the wealthiest 1%, secret societies, old rulers, summarizing those running the global money. The millennial plan is almost achieved, always related with money, greed and land. People are guilty because have been collaborating with them. The real reward and consequences are annihilation and enslavement.


The beginning was the destruction of family concept. Removing women from home to work, and forcing the idea that women have the same rights. A real man, who loves his family supports his family, loves his woman, cares about her, gives her all the money and the responsibility to manage home and shopping. A man must to work hard for the family. A romantic idea.There is no need to put women at work, to be enslaved, abused, harassed, only because of the money and greed, destroying happiness and love.

Humanity have proliferated like cats, or other wild animals, giving human corpses for the industry machine and economy, that consumed and have ground until the machine was full and had no more need of human labor. We are useless and polluters.

Love is essential for a New Age evolution. Perhaps is too late…



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