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When the Paradise is Lost

Creation is a particularity of GOD.

When Adam and Eve, for the first time, broke the seal and had sex, disobeying God, they loosed the innocence, purity and providence. In consequence of trying to be little angry gods, God gave to them the capacity of procreation and free will. 

Today, everybody thinks to be some sort of god, living as there is no end, consuming most resources as possible, not thinking on the happiness of others. 

Procreation is a reflex of the original sin, and inherently and consequently is also a sin. For this reason we associate sex with the Evil, giving birth by suffering, and there is so many crimes and sins involving sex.

Love is the key, given by God himself. When love is on our hearts we are a unity, achieving love, happiness and personal fulfillment in our lives. Love lead us to happiness, and happiness can be achieved restoring the garden of Eden on Earth.

A family, who love the community (the unity) and themselves, lives in accordance with sustainability and nature, avoiding to have a lot of children, giving to his child a glimpse of heaven, love, better education and a future. 

A large family is in majority of cases a poor family, poverty is always the key of life, misery is more prevalent, low cost, precarious works, sometimes child labor, sin, unhealthy families and education is a privilege of the rich. The poor hate the rich but don’t think that the cause of poverty came from their decisions and irresponsibility. Large families are the root of decease on a society, crime, pollution, and unemployment. 

The Garden of Eden is made avoiding the original sin. Love and be happy.


Pope Francis’ tips for a happy life

Here are Pope Francis’ tips for a happy life and Jay Parini comments on them:

1. Live and let live. It’s an echo of the Pope’s earlier remark on gays: “Who am I to judge?” Moreover, it’s what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount: “Judge not, unless you want to be judged yourself.” (Matthew 7:1)

2. Give yourself to others. That is, give your money and your time to those in need. Don’t just sit around like stagnant water. Give all you have and then some.

3 Move quietly in the world. The Pope quotes from a favorite novel by an early 20th-century Argentine writer, Ricardo Guiraldes, in which the novelist writes that in one’s youth, a person is “a rocky stream that runs over everything,” but as one gets older, one becomes “a running river, quietly peaceful.” It’s very like the Native American suggestion that one should walk “in balance and beauty” on the ground, making the least disturbance.

4. Enjoy leisure. The Pope says that consumerism has brought with it unbearable anxieties. So play with your children. Take time off. And don’t spend all your time thinking about your next acquisition. Spend your time well, not your money.

5. Sunday is for families. This is actually one of the Ten Commandments. Honor the Sabbath. (Exodus 20:8) Once a week, give a whole day to meditation, worship, family life, tending the needs of the spirit. This is healthy living.

6. Find jobs for young people. Who would have guessed that job-creation would be on list for happiness? But the Pope is right. Honest, simple work for young people is essential to their well-being. Somewhat surprisingly, in this moment in the interview, the Pope connected job creation to the degradation of our environment: “the tyrannical use of nature.” He links the lack of good jobs to the lack of respect for ourselves and the Earth itself.

So creating jobs doesn’t mean ruining the environment. It doesn’t mean, as the politicians chant, “jobs, jobs, jobs.” Good and productive labor is valuable, and it doesn’t mean you have to have a fancy job description. You don’t have to become rich. You can be ordinary. Happiness lies there. Do good work, create good work for others.

7. Respect nature. This follows from No. 6. “Isn’t humanity committing suicide with this indiscriminate and tyrannical use of nature?” the Pope wonders. Not surprisingly, this is what Henry David Thoreau, a founding father of the environmental movement, said. “Most people live lives of quiet desperation,” he said. He went into the woods, to Walden Pond, because he wanted “to live deliberately” and to “front only the essential facts of life.”

A proper respect for nature means that you can’t pollute the air, poison the rivers and chop down the forests indiscriminately without suffering greatly. I suspect that a huge amount of the anxiety and suffering that we see around can be closely traced to our wanton misuse of our resources. Just look at any garbage dump and see what is wasted. In a sense, we’ve wasted our souls.

8. Let go of negative things quickly. The Pope tells us not to complain about people who annoy or frustrate us, to let go of things as rapidly as we can. I have an old friend who used to say, “Put the bad things in your back pocket and leave them there.” This may sound like escapism or putting your head in the sand, but it’s more interesting than that. Life throws rotten things our way each day. People say nasty things to us, often about others. This stuff makes them miserable, of course. It makes us miserable, too. Flush it.

9. Don’t preach your religion too forcefully. Proselytism brings on paralysis, the Pope tells us. Wow. I’m a Christian myself, and I don’t mind saying so. But each person sees the world before them in his or her own way. The Pope says this. As a teaching, it seems to run counter to the so-called Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). Jesus said to get out there and spread the word. But the Pope takes a relaxed view of this activity, preferring that we should teach by example. Perhaps that really is what Jesus would do?

10. Work for peace. The Pope has preached this message from the beginning of his time as pontiff. He has gone to Jerusalem and worked to bring together Jews and Palestinians. He has prayed for peace and worked for peace. He has listened closely to Jesus, who said, “blessed are the peacemakers.”

Pope Francis has, in this unlikely venue, given us his own Sermon on the Mount, his Ten Commandments for happiness and inner peace. One can only be grateful for his wisdom, which is rooted in a sincere faith, in hard-earned wisdom, and a very practical knowledge of human needs and potentials.

End Times of Feminism

Feminism is disappearing! Women will start to do some riots because feminism have lost its objective.

Nowadays, women are doing the functions of man, and sometimes better than man itself. Women achieved their objective to have a job! Well done?woman

The consequences are drastic because men have no jobs, jobs are more scarce, the “manpower” supply is far more than the job offer, resulting in low incomes, lower working conditions, social tensions, increasingly precarious employment and about high unemployment rates. Well done feminists!?

Nice! At work we can admire intense oppression, women working so hard and more hours, having no time for home and family affairs, no time for husband, more time for boss and treason in marriage, no time to raise and educate correctly a child (one child only, please, for the better future for all us), more women raising their children alone. Where are the promised benefits of independence!? Slavery and sometimes prostitution. But the worst is there is no longer time for shopping!

We are seeing a lot of real and nice women criticizing the “political system” and trying to return to the old times.

The feminist movement started with many purposes. They were oppressed by men, wanted to achieve better education, more independence and more rights. All these points are positive. But greed added a lot of fuzzy because the initial and main objective for any woman was to seek money, always money. Money is the evil in our society, everybody loves money, more than family or God. The aim was not to go hard works carried out by men, such as manufacturing industry, agriculture and construction, low-paid and low-status jobs, otherwise works in management and perhaps, with some “feminine charm”, to jump to the management board.  I never saw a woman wanting a work in building civil construction.

Family, on old times, was the support of the woman. We must to refund the concept of family, giving more support and rights and besides that giving to the woman his paper in family and restore happiness.

Continuing the progress to the age of light…

No woman no work (Bob Marley rethinking to achieve happiness)

Bob Marley woke up from the grave singing “No woman no work”, replacing the old sentence “No woman no cry” , with the same

Women have the main objective to find love and happiness, finding a companion to live and to find joy. The purpose of any relation is not the economy, nor procreation or to have the best potential to devour the world, trampling everything and everyone. The only objective of life is to be happy, don’t thinking on greed or mundane concerns.

Nowadays, relations are suffering from disease. Happiness or love is loosing points against all type of Machiavellian conjectures.

Muslims are quite right, no woman no work outside home. Why? Woman is made to be the support, the center, and the organizer of family. In the work,betrayals are constant because the boss is seen as the guarantor and home security, occupying the place of the husband.

Feminism theory have the objective to dismiss women of to have children. That is a great purpose, since the world is overpopulated, polluted and depleted. But the solution of putting women to work is a mistake.

We have to work new policies that promote happiness, at the expense of greed. Having many children is an act of greed.

We must progress to the age of light…