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Regretting not to have children? why?

Today I read an old fashioned topic about a lady who is regretting not to have children. The post was essentially focused on the social opinion that is wrong not to have children, children are good, not t have children is erroneous and the marriage is null and pointless. 

I am married, very happy, with no children by option, and we are very happy! We are free, we travel a lot, we don’t care about old society or retrograde religion or family opinions. 


Having children is a a primitive desire linked to survival and proliferation of the specie or race. Today we are a plague! Tomorrow we will kill each other to survive.

So, think about overpopulation, to avoid war or unemployment. No children becomes to be good for everyone. If you have no children you are blessed. Avoiding to insert a new being to suffer and certain death, in a world that is crumbling.

Think again, with no Santa Claus or religion opinion, one child policy must be law to regulate equilibrium with nature.

Be free and happy.


Why Feminism? “Onde há galo, não canta galinha.” (“Where there is a rooster no chicken sings”) – Portuguese popular saying


“Where there is a rooster no chicken sings” 

Today we have a lot of chickens trying to use pants like men, smoking like men, going to war like men, having jobs like men, requiring equality of rights. Why?

Portuguese popular saying left no doubt. In colonial Brazil, with some exceptions, prevailed male authority, that should be the basis for relations between husband, wife and children. Man in the street and the woman at home.

In a sexist and paternalistic colonial society as it was up to his wife and children to obey the orders of his father. Staying at home, avoiding the dangers and “opportunities” that could arise in the street. The woman had her husband “loyalty”, “assistance”, “patience” and “obedience.” Husbands were to their wives and children, food assistance and respect. It is clear that such order could be broken was enough when her ​​husband die, be required to work outside and assume the role of “head of household”.

All society is loosing because women had been losing his position, men are loosing too because they must work hard and life had no more beauty and become a cradle of greed and envy.

The objective of equality was about to reduce population and natality, freeing women from the natural purpose of procreation. A major objective, more 50 years and we will face this naturally, as a necessity to the human survival. But women must rethink their position in society. We don’t want ignorance, but a woman as the main support for a happy husband and family, that leads to a happy woman.

In the future, we want happy women, no machine or exploited women.